This website is about Moris. You can get workout plan and online training. Also, book personal Traning with Moris only in Malaysia. You can read Moris’s biography, see the competition that he did, see the certificate and award that he accomplished. You can purchase Moris’s latest perfume. See the current official sponsor.

Porsonal Traning only in Malaysia 24/7 All around the world
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  • Muscle size

  • Upload *The first hint for taking the photos You have to take the photos in three directions. From the neck to the bottom, face to feet, from the back and the sides *second hint For men take pictures with boxers from neck to feet For women, if you can’t take pictures without hijab, there is no problem you can take pictures with stretch cloths, therefore, your body style and your weakness would be visible from neck to feet. * third hint if you have a lumbar spine, lumbar puncture, abdominal fat, do not hide in the photos. Take the picture with the style that you always you normally have, don’t pose. Important point especially for ladies. Women = Legs Shoulder width should be the same with your feet far from each other. Flat feet on the ground. In three positions, straight, side and back.
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  • Bank in the amount to the account number below. Send us your receipt and shipping address.

    Account Number: 122390010026974
    Name: Morteza Sheikholeslami
    Bank: Alliance bank