This website is about Moris. You can get workout plan and online training. Also, book personal Traning with Moris only in Malaysia. You can read Moris’s biography, see the competition that he did, see the certificate and award that he accomplished. You can purchase Moris’s latest perfume. See the current official sponsor.

Porsonal Traning only in Malaysia 24/7 All around the world
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Moris Perfume




From insignificance to gaining star attention, this fragrance will do it for you!

Specially developed and conceived to unveil the best in you, let its fresh notes move you forward with confidence and conviction, assured of a positive outcome.

Like its namesake, Mori, Who evolved from working in the engineering field to become a top model, personal fitness trainer and premium brand ambassadoe, Mori can transform the way you think of yourself and engance the best of your abilities. As Mori himself says,

“The Best of Me for the Best of You”.

You can do it…always!


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